When the weekend rolls around, the best way to spend it is with friends. However, you can’t simply gather in a room and stare at the wall all day – you need to do something fun together! Such as karaoke rooms brisbane.

As mature adults, there are lots of different activities you can do that don’t involve spending ridiculous amounts of money. If you’re interested to hear some suggestions, make sure to read the following list to see if anything appeals to you.

1. Online Slots

The chances are, you and your friends know all about casinos. After all, they’re a big part of modern culture. As are karaoke rooms brisbane.

However, land-based casinos are usually expensive to travel to and enter – which is why you should play some online slots at home instead.

All you need to do is invite your friends over and remind them to bring their smartphones. From there, everyone can gather around a table or living room space and play some online slot in Canada to see who can win the most games.

Remember, slots are an exciting game, so make sure to encourage each other as you play, but always make sure that you’re gambling sensibly.

2. Have an At-Home Spa Afternoon

If you and your friends enjoy self-care, you should use the weekend as an opportunity to have an at-home spa afternoonat someone’s house.

Everyone should gather their own grooming products (from body lotions to face masks) and bring them over. Then, when you’re all settled down, you can share your products and have a nice time making your own DIY spa.

3. Play Some Video Games

Video games are a great social tool, as most of them are multiplayer nowadays.

This means they’re perfect for friendship groups who are spending the weekend together. Plus, they provide you with a platform for some friendly competition, whether you’re playing Call of Duty or a puzzle game.

If none of your friends has a gaming console that you can share, you’ll have to play some mobile games on your smartphones instead. Among Us is an excellent game to play in groups, so make sure to give it a try.

4. Binge-Watch a Netflix Series

Netflix is host to some amazing series.

For example, you could binge-watch Friends for hours and never get bored. Or, alternatively, you could browse the latest releases to see if there’s anything new that captures your interest.

Remember to do a team vote prior to choosing a series so that none of your friends feel left out.

5. Go for a Run

If you and your friends are outdoorsy people, you should go for a weekend run (providing the weather is good, of course).

Ideally, you should Google nearby running trails or suggestions for you to go on. Once everyone has agreed on the route to take, you should put your gear on and meet at the desired location.

After you’ve finished your run, make sure to do something fun to unwind, such as visiting a nearby café or bar for a drink, as this will help take the edge off your tiredness.

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