Gambling is an easy way to have fun and win rewards. You may be very good at gambling or be very prepared or skilled at playing new online casino games. But it’s a saying that you may win more at a casino with a bit of luck. This is why many punters believe in fate and superstitions. They think they may jeopardize their chances of winning if they do certain things. Over the years, several superstitions have graced the gambling industry. In this list, you will see some of the most famous gambling superstitions.

Lucky Numbers, Unlucky Numbers

If you want to win some casino games, you need to be able to guess the correct numbers. Numbers are used in free online casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Some numbers are lucky, and there are also unlucky numbers. The definition of a lucky or unlucky number varies depending on the culture.

The number regarded as the luckiest number in the gambling industry and the world at large is the number 7. 7 is the number of perfection, and it brings good fortune. In a country like China, 3,6,8 and 9 are common numbers that punters use for luck.

In most cases, gamblers follow the standard lucky numbers. But, other times, a few gamblers choose a specific number. This is because they believe that this number will bring them good wealth and many wins.

On the other hand, gamblers believe that unlucky numbers should be avoided altogether. Numbers like 13 are a common unlucky number in many countries, and the number 4 is a typical unlucky number in China.

Counting Your Money at the Table

This is a popular superstition, and it originated from the early days of gambling. When some players win a lot of money, they might want to count their money early and boast to other punters. But experienced gamblers believe that this will bring bad fortune even if it is at the best online gambling sites. Some punters say that it is rude and may affect the flow of the gameplay. But it’s advised that you don’t count your money at the table to be safe.

Lending Money to Another Player

This is another popular superstition. Although it is expected that people usually lend money to one another in casinos, many cons follow this superstition. It is believed that lending money to another player, especially a rival, can bring bad fortune. For instance, you may lend your money to another player, and they use it to win a jackpot. Some players believe that you may have transferred your good fortune to someone else. In another case, if you lend your money, you may need it later for an important game.

Whistling While Playing

This is another common superstition in casinos, and it is said to originate from England. When sailors traveled and whistled, it brought them bad weather and disaster. It seems weird because most people whistle while they work or take a stroll.

In gambling, most players believe that whistling can make them lose their cash, and it can bring them bad luck. Besides, if you whistle too loud, you will be constituting a nuisance, and that can make other punters dislike you and get you kicked out of the casino.

Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs is one superstition that many players believe in, and many run away from it. According to many gamblers, crossing your fingers brings good prosperity and positive vibes. But crossing your legs is the complete opposite. Many players believe that you are crossing out your good luck by crossing your legs. So for good luck, try not to cross your legs when playing. When the nerves start to kick in, this may be especially tough.


Some of the superstitions that players believe in are pretty fascinating. It is uncertain if these beliefs actually help the punters get great wealth. But, they say that it gives them a boost of confidence and allows them to trust their instincts. Confidence and good instincts are essential factors in casino games online. So it is safe to say that superstitions do positively impact the players. Did any of the superstitions captivate you? The next you play, you can try them out.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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