So you want to learn how to improve your writing and become more of a stand out talent? Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just beginning your career learning how to make your writing stand out in a crowd is a skill that you will never stop developing.

The truth is, there are over seven billion people on the planet. This fact alone indicates the high level of competition that writers and their voices face when it comes to being recognized. How do you stand out from the noise around you? How are you different and unique? What would potential clients get out of your writing that they wouldn’t get out of others? How can you hone your skills and set yourself apart in appealing and attractive ways to readers?

Here are some easy ways that we at The Word Count would give you to make your writing content stand out!

You Don’t Have to be the Best

The first easy way to make your content stand out – is simply you and that doesn’t have to be the best! This may seem like an odd first thought along the lines of how to make your writing content stand out – but it’s a concept that will bring immense amounts of freedom and uniqueness to your writing. When we don’t let go of our drive to simply be the best writer in every room, we can often forgo the aspects of our writing that make us unique.

For instance, at any point in time you can always meet someone who is a better skilled, more well read and more grammatically perfect writer than yourself – but you will never meet another you! You are the most important aspect of what makes your writing stand out so knowing how you are different and what makes you unique is at the core of developing stand out content.

Your Life is a Unique Qualifier

Pull from your experience in your writing. This doesn’t just mean that you need to use stories from your life for every metaphor, or simile you employ in fact that may never really be a great option. But it does mean that if you are not using your unique experiences to shape your tone, aesthetic and view of the world you are missing out on a powerful tool that can help your writing.

If you are just starting your career, or thinking about getting into a writing career, then understanding your story can be a massive tool to give you an advantage. Take the time to understand who you are and how that can uniquely impact your work.

Develop Your Tone

The number one way to stand out in a crowd when it comes to writing is having a solid tone. This can mean a lot of different things and having a defined tone is something that only you over time can develop.

A strong, definable tone can further you from your competition by creating a feeling at once of identity and brand. Creating a tone can be difficult because everyone is more or less gifted with a specific one so learning yours can take time and effort.

Be Well Read

One of the best ways to help develop your tone and your unique qualities as a writer is to stay well read. This may come as no surprise, but it should be something you are constantly reminded of. You are wanting to write content for others to read, so you need to regularly put yourself on the other side of the process.

Finding inspiration and mentorship through the writings of others that you admire is a great way to further develop your uniqueness and expand your personal capacity as a writer.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The number one way to set yourself apart from the competition and make your writing stand out – is to have a polished product. Just like any other skill, writing takes hard work and loads of commitment. You can’t expect to be a concert violinist by only touching your instrument during your lessons. In the same way, you can’t expect your writing to stand out when only writing for profit or projects.

Develop personal, daily rhythms that get you writing outside of your career field. This can look like daily writing exercises or even journaling. Whatever you choose, just make sure that at some point during your day you are employing the art and skill of writing just to experience and grow in it. These easy, basic principles will help carry you toward your goal and make you stand out as an exemplary writer.

Written by Stop The Breaks
Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company focused on showcasing independent hip-hop artists. Our goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world. We provide branding, content marketing, social media, SEO and music promotion services.