College life is a fascinating period in our lives, especially when you consider it retrospectively. Unfortunately, when you’re in college, everything happens everywhere all at once, and you rarely have a spare moment to analyze the surrounding chaos. And in most cases, you can’t remember what you’ve exactly learned while studying. But you can easily name things distracting you from studies:

  • Odd jobs to pay rent and tuition;
  • Wild parties;
  • Pursuing romances;
  • Surviving a breakup;
  • Having too much homework.

Yes, all that can easily produce a reason to get assignment helper from AssignmentMaster rather than doing it on your own. But if you live in the dormitory, you don’t necessarily need odd jobs to pay rent. Wild parties may not be your thing. You can also have a steady relationship or stay single while studying. That leaves you only with an overwhelming amount of homework.

But what if you have manageable amounts of homework? What prevents you from doing it comfortably? Loud roommates? But no, your roommate is absolutely fine. What’s the reason, then?

Have you ever felt that your dorm room makes you feel small? It doesn’t feel like home. Sounds familiar? Then you definitely need some advice on dorm room fashion.

Why Decorating Your Dorm Room Is Important

If you wonder why decorating a dorm room is important, you can run into a much broader question — why decorate any place? We do need to leave bits of our personality in our residence. It can range from just making a place more comfortable to decorating it elaborately. Regardless of which is more of your thing, the decoration can be quite life-enhancing.

You may approach your dorm room as a temporary residence, which it basically is. And that may lead you to the idea that it doesn’t require any decoration, that it needs no personal touches. But that’s the exact reason why you can’t focus on your studies. Nothing indicates that this room or part of it belongs to you. And you end up feeling like an imposter.

Besides, staying in a place that doesn’t feel like home makes you feel uncomfortable. Yes, that’s the room where you’re going to spend your next two to four years. Yes, that’s not a lot of time, but you should make sure that you feel comfortable spending time there. So, let’s figure out how to decorate it properly.

Make It Personal

The most obvious step to take is to make your dorm room personal. Add things that will display your personality. It can be anything, from posters of your favorite musicians or movies on the wall to pieces of furniture, given that the dorm allows that. And you should surely utilize shelves for expressing yourself.

Yes, books are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about shelves. Yet, although books surely say a lot about your personality, they are not the only things you can put on the shelves. Baseball balls, dumbbells, drumsticks, and wood posters do fit the shelves and, as much as books, they make the room more personal.

Mind the Color Scheme

If you’re allowed to change the color of walls, you are extremely lucky. But you’re tempted to overuse your favorite color. Let’s imagine that your favorite color is red. So, you may be tempted to paint your dorm room walls red. That’s not the best idea. You may argue that there are different shades of red, but it’ll be difficult to pick the shade of red that won’t cause you distress while staying in the room.

Red, like all other inflammatory colors, evokes feelings of excitement, passion, and anger. They are great for places where you don’t stay for too long, which definitely cannot be said about your dorm room. Moreover, you’re sleeping in your dorm room, and you won’t get any healthy sleep in a room with agitating colors.

Even if you’re not allowed to change the color of walls in your dorm room, limit inflammatory colors in the room’s decoration. Opt for a calm color scheme, which is not too bright or too dark, so you can enjoy healthy sleep and focus on your studies in your dorm room. But if you are okay with inflammatory colors and have tested them at home, then simply ditch this advice.

Don’t Forget the Place for Studies

Personality display is great, but that’s the dorm room, after all, and you shouldn’t forget about your studies. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a comfortable area for studying. Some dorm rooms come with built-in desks, while others don’t. Thus, you need to either modify the existing desk for your comfort or invest in an adaptable one.

When modifying the existing desk or organizing the new one, you need to consider several things. Make sure that it’s easy to keep the desk clean. You won’t be able to study properly if you clutter your desk. Make sure that it has enough space for everything you may need for your studies — from a laptop and books to a table lamp and plants (if you need them there).

Not that your desk should be all feng shui, but it should be comfortable for you to study. Let it be odd jobs to pay your tuition that make you reach out to essay editing services rather than the dorm room that prevents you from focusing on your studies. Only with a well-organized area for studying can you say that you decorate your dorm room properly.

Closing Thoughts

So, now you know why decorating your dorm room is important and how to decorate it properly. Add personal touches, mind the color scheme, and don’t forget the area for studying. And if the temporary status of your dorm room still bugs you, approach your decorating of the room, keeping things practical.

The room should showcase your personality while you’re staying there, but it mustn’t turn into your shrine that will remain after you leave it.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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