Over the past decade, we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of online casino games for a whole range of different reasons. Through apps and websites, gaming is now so accessible that you can play wherever and whenever you like; gaming graphics have seen massive improvements since the first online casino games were developed; and the sites now provide you with such a wide variety of gaming options, it is easy to see why online casino gaming has seen such an increase in the number of users. One of the ways game developers have enticed and retained players is through the use of music. Sometimes you may not even be consciously aware that there is music, but you would definitely notice if your favourite online casino game didn’t have any. So, how does the use of music influence the gaming experience, and does it make casino games more enjoyable?

Sets the Mood

It is common knowledge that music makes us feel things. Next time you are watching a movie, notice how the music changes with the mood of the scene. You usually find that during the upsetting scenes, you will be listening to music that is downbeat and sad, and when the characters are happy and feeling good, the music is cheery, upbeat, and full of energy. When it comes to online casino games, the aim is for the users to have a pleasurable time whilst playing so they stay on for longer and keep coming back for more. Music is literally there to make the whole gaming experience more enjoyable.

Become Immersed in the Moment

If you’ve ever gone to a traditional brick and mortar casino, you will notice how there are no windows, it is dimly lit and you usually get free soft drinks or some other incentive. They do this to fully immerse you in the gaming experience so you stay and play casino games as long as possible. This is another reason why you will find the best online casinos use music; to completely immerse you in the moment, allowing you to be free from distractions and totally focused on gaming and having a good time. Check those listed at OnlineCasinos for a good example. There you will find the top-rated casinos, so you can rest assured you’ll be visiting safe and reliable sites.

Influence Play

Different types and tempos of music create different reactions in people. Imagine going for a jog; you want to be motivated, energetic and encouraged. Are you going to be listening to soft piano melodies? Probably not. You are going to stick on some hip-hop, techno or electronic beats to keep your pace fast and energy levels soaring, keeping you running faster, longer and better. When it comes to online gaming, you will notice how the games that are faster-paced and require you to make decisions quickly, are usually accompanied by music that sets this tempo and influences the speed in which you play. When the developers want you to take your time, place bets slowly and think about the decisions you are making, the music they choose to play you will mimic this. Using music in this way not only makes the whole experience more enjoyable, but it also influences how you play.

Evokes Emotion

In all forms of entertainment, music is all about creating feelings and emotions; it adds a whole extra dimension into the gaming experience. When it comes to online gaming, the sound effects and music can create emotions to keep you playing and have a more enjoyable time. When you actually visit a casino, you will usually find people congratulate you and this makes playing that much more enticing; you are more likely to continue to place bets and spend more time there. For online casino games, it is the music that mimics this, providing and added element of excitement, anticipation and emotion. Music enhances the enjoyment of the gaming experience by providing an extra thrill of emotion.

Power of Association

There is some interesting psychology around association. Ever walked into a shop and been hit with a smell that instantly brings you back to a memory? This is called association, and you can experience it through all five of your senses, including hearing. You often find that certain songs remind you of a specific person or a time in your life, whether this be happy and welcome or cause a little bit of sorrow. Game developers use this power of association to their advantage. They play music that you begin to associate with winning, which sets you up to really enjoy the games and usually means you continue playing for a long time. This is because our brains create these patterns and links between what is being heard and the action that normally accompanies it. This power of association can actually help you win more games, and provides stimulation by boosting your self-esteem and encourages more gaming time.

Keep Your Focus

People often listen to music whilst working, writing, studying, or playing computer games. This is because it helps to drown out the noises of the outside world and helps you stay completely focused on the task in front of you. Online casino games use music in the same way. It reduces the chances of players being distracted, losing focus and getting interrupted by other things. By having enticing music that suits the pace and the game, players are able to concentrate for much longer by calming their nerves and making play as satisfying as possible.

Increase Desire to Play

For generations, people have used music to create motivation and desire. Much like listening to upbeat music in the gym encourages you to want to stay and work out for longer than if you didn’t have any music to listen to, having music heightening the gaming experience similarly increases the desire to play and return to these particular sites as it makes it all that more enjoyable. If the mood is lightened through music when users lose, players are more likely to continue to want to play despite not winning, making the experience all the more enjoyable and enticing.

Online casinos want their players to have the best gaming experience possible, and without using music, this just would not be possible.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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