Having to complete written tasks is one of the things you will do in college. And as a student who wants to pursue their academic goals, you are probably looking for ways to do it correctly and effectively. However, sometimes students are in a rush to complete their tasks. They might get online assignment help to get more time to focus on more complex tasks. They might rush the entire writing process as the deadline is approaching soon. College life is full of challenges that help students expand their knowledge and boost their skills.

However, there are some common writing problems that many college students have when they are in college. Everyone makes mistakes as they are natural and we usually learn more from mistakes than from success. Even though they are not pleasant and might be associated with negative emotions, which are also natural, they are an essential part of the life of any college student. So, what are the most common writing problems for students and how can you take care of not avoiding them?

Spelling Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes students make in their writing is that they have spelling mistakes. Teachers expect to get essays, research papers, a thesis, or other paper types without any mistakes. This might put pressure on the students, as they might feel they cannot fail at this. While having one or two spelling mistakes you missed is normal and will not degrade your mark, having a paper full of them is not indicated.

It only sends the idea that you are sloppy, that you do not pay attention to the details and do not work on creating a powerful paper. Some of the most common spelling mistakes are making confusion between homophones, words that have the same pronunciation but different spelling. So, make sure you do not make confusion between these and that you check your paper for these types of mistakes carefully. For example, using your and you’re interchangeably is not accepted, so you need to pay attention to what words you use, in what context, and how you spell them.


Another common problem for college students is wordiness. This usually appears when students have to meet a word limit but feel they cannot do it. So, using more words than necessary to express your opinion and convey meaning is what wordiness is. We can easily notice this in many cases.

Even though this helps you meet the word limit requirement, it only makes your paper more difficult to understand. Sometimes, entire sentences can be replaced with only a few words that give structure to your essay, and make it smooth, logical, and clear.


You have probably heard that plagiarism is a real problem nowadays and that you should avoid it at all costs. The consequences for plagiarism are diverse and all educational institutions and professors will apply them if they found out you have plagiarized. They depend on the level of plagiarism identified in your papers, so you should take great care. Even though plagiarism is seen as intentional, in some cases it is accidental. You may end up plagiarizing without even realizing it, but this does not mean that you wanted it.

However, professors do not take this into account when they apply the rules, so it would be wise to avoid it at all costs. Plagiarism can be avoided if you take notes when you research and use the proper citation methods.

Grammar and Punctuation

Apart from spelling mistakes, problems with grammar and punctuation are among the most common ones for college students. It is therefore essential to use the punctuation rules properly. If you feel unsure about how to use certain punctuation marks, you can easily get more information so that you will use them correctly.

The same goes for grammar mistakes which are more and more common. Make sure you take the time you need to double-check your papers before submitting them so that you will have a correctly written paper. Having too many grammar and punctuation mistakes sends the same message as in the case of spelling mistakes. So, to avoid being seen as sloppy, and not having any interest in the text, use tools that help you identify grammar and punctuation errors.

Final Words

College comes with experiences that enrich you and indulge your senses. However, they come with challenges for students too. Trying to face these challenges might make you feel stressed and overwhelmed, so you might lose some things from sight. These are some of the most common writing problems for college students. Make sure you take the time you need to double-check your papers for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Avoid plagiarism at all costs as it comes with consequences for your academic progress and chooses cohesiveness over wordiness.

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