Are you a musician looking for a new way to be creative and innovative but don’t know what you could do? Have you thought about trying to use cannabis to change your music but don’t know what might come of it or if it will work? If you’ve ever smoked weed before, there’s a good chance you did it while listening to music. And if you’re like most people, you probably found that the two activities go together pretty well. But why is that? What is it about cannabis and music that seems to complement each other so well? In this post, we’ll explore the connection between cannabis and music, and try to answer some of those questions. We’ll also look at some of the anecdotal evidence out there on the subject, as well as some scientific research that has been conducted on the matter. So, whether you’re a smoker yourself or just someone interested in learning more about this topic, read on!

The connection between cannabis and music throughout history

Music and cannabis have a relatively long history that dates back to way before cannabis was legal for recreational use or even medicinal use. In the 1960s we saw the peak of cannabis culture within music and music creation with musicians such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and Willie Nelson to name a few. Almost every celebrity seems to be promoting cannabis products lately. Whether it’s CBD oil, vape pens, or actual buds, stars are flaunting their weed habits like never before. Some people say this is a sign of the plant’s growing acceptance in mainstream culture. And this is not far from the truth: people are accepting cannabis more and more every day, and cannabis products are more available than ever. You can purchase a high quality vape in a matter of seconds and enjoy a unique experience. Music creation and cannabis use have always been closely connected because of how much an experience can change when marijuana is consumed. Not only does it make musicians more efficient in their work, but it also allows for them to change up the game a bit and introduce new creativity.

How cannabis affects the creative process

Being stoned and putting on some music may be the most common stereotype of a stoner, but it is admittedly one of the best experiences and one of the best ways to listen to music. It changes what you are listening to and allows you to enjoy so much more than just a simple beat and melody. With that said, cannabis is not only helpful when it comes to listening to music, but also when it comes to creating your very own music. Cannabis is a product that alters your perception of things such as sound pitch, time, and even movement. With all of this combined, you are experiencing a whole new world while still being in the same world. Cannabis can affect the creative process and help massively when it comes to bringing you out of a creative slump and introducing you to new and more creative ideas. With heightened senses, and time is slowed, there is more for you to notice and appreciate.

Some of the most famous musicians who have talked about their cannabis use

When it comes to discussing cannabis in music, there is no point in doing so unless you can see that some of the world’s greatest musicians are doing this too. Going back to the 1970s, the height of rock and roll, you have the ever-popular Beatles. They were not hiding the fact that they were consuming marijuana, even though it was illegals, among other drugs. They even sing about it in their songs. Other famous musicians that smoke weed or consume cannabis in some or other form, openly, include snoop dog who always has a vape in hand, Madonna as an advocate for marijuana, The musical genius Lady Gaga, controversial Miley Cyrus, and so many more. So many musicians are open about their use of cannabis as well as their love for the product because of how much it has helped them in their music.

The benefits of cannabis for musicians and artists

As a musician, there are countless benefits that one can gain from consuming cannabis when creating music and playing it whether you are enjoying the music alone at home, to at a massive concert with thousands of people. For musicians and artists, creative blocks are not uncommon, and many people will experience them. This is something that cannabis can help with. It is no secret that cannabis is a mind-altering substance that makes you perceive things differently, and maybe this is exactly what you are looking for. Cannabis can transport to into a newer version of your same world. It slows downtime and lets you experience everything around you more intently. On top of that, it also makes you feel a lot more relaxed and calmer. Cannabis is becoming an integral part of the creative culture and it is no surprise why.
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