It’s not a person that a lot of new online slot gamblers will have any idea about, however we thank that all of us online slot gambling fanatics owe a huge thank you to Mr Charles D. Fey, the man who invented the world’s first slot machine all the way back in the 1890s. Would you just look at what his invention has been transformed into today! It is nothing short of bonkers – these days you can even play virtual reality slots at DreamJackpot if you look hard enough!

Whilst there were very simple slot machines that came before Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine, the problem with these was that they didn’t actually pay out money jackpots, with the prizes just being a free cigar or drink. This all changed with Fey’s invention, and it set the theme of slot jackpots going forwards too. Beginners often ask – can online slot jackpots be high? And now we’re about to find out! 

Different types of slot jackpots

Unlike many of the other popular casino gambling games around these days, online slots actually have loads of different types of jackpots to get your head around. Online slot jackpots can be high of course, nobody is disputing this, however a large part of this question also simply depends on the type of slot jackpot you are playing for.

Take a look at some of the different types of slot jackpot available below:

  • Standard slot jackpot: Standard jackpot online slots used to be by far the most common, however as technology has evolved they are getting less numerous. Standard jackpot slots are very simple – they have one standard ultimate jackpot, and this never changes in size.
  • Multiplier slot jackpot: Multiplier slot jackpots are the most common these days, as the trend towards multiplier wins gets more and more popular. With multiplier slot jackpots you will win a multiplier, say 1,000x, and you jackpot will then be 1000x your wager.
  • Progressive slot jackpot: Progressive jackpots are by far the most enticing types of slot jackpots, mainly because they increase in size with each losing spin. Progressive jackpots can get outrageously big these days, with several million pound prizes routinely up for grabs. If you are trying to prove that online slot jackpots can be high, progressive jackpots are definitely the way to go. 

The best tips to win large slot jackpots

It is one thing knowing about the fact jackpots can be high, and appreciating the different types of jackpot too, but what we all really ultimately want these days is to know how to win one! With that in mind, check out some of these top tips to winning large slot jackpots:

  • Play high variance slots: High variance slots are made to treat gamblers to sky high online slot jackpots, so you really ought to play them over low variance slots.·        Take a punt on progressive jackpot slots: Chances are you won’t win a progressive slot jackpot any time soon, but it’s always worth having a go.
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