YouTube might be perceived as a huge aggregator of funny videos and blogging efforts of nonprofits, but this platform is also a powerful instrument for business. The recent extreme situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has shown this fact as is. Small local artisans and big corporations are now using YouTube for its cheaper and more effective. And it is quite easy too, especially having services like Videosgrow, which provide cheap likes and subscribers, if one needs it. However, there are some ground rules, and not every business should put YouTube to the place of the primary platform to embrace.

The QR or quick response code is a type of two dimensional barcode which is often used by businesses for the purpose of marketing. As many consumers have a QR code scanner on them in the form of their smartphones it is often easier for them to scan a QR code than to type in a website address. For more information, consider using this free QR code generator.

But how can a business owner decide, whether this network will work for the product, or they should choose something else? Well, this article is about to help them in this complicated matter. We will start with benefits and then proceed to the factors that may play against choosing YouTube as your business instrument. You can also find people fast and free.


1. Cheap price

The cost of video production is not included here, because it totally depends on your possibilities. The business program on YouTube is free, unless you are the advertiser who wants to enter the network. But that is another story that is not the subject of this article. For small businesses in particular, YouTube is quite economic. Even if you are using some paid third-party services, the total cost is 100% controlled and limited by your budgets. 

In fact, having a successful blog can be an additional profit by itself, if your channel meets certain conditions required by the Partnership program. 

2. High Accessibility

YouTube is the most known video hosting network around the world. And being such a developed one, it makes your uploads work even outside of the platform. For example, you can easily embed your videos in your blog or site, and increase the conversion multiple times. The majority of people consider YouTube a reliable source, which indicates your professionalism, thus you can boost your site’s credibility. For some people, it will also show your attitude to the business – being present on major social platforms looks like you are open to dialogue and closer to your potential clients.

3. Fast And Easy Distribution

YouTube offers very comfortable options for users, for sharing the content within and out of the platform. And comfort matters a lot for modern users. There are quick-access buttons to share a video on other significant networks, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Users can also embed the code of your video to their blogs by making literally a couple of clicks. All this may seem unimportant, but in matters of brand recognition and awareness, having your content spread easily and quickly is a good bonus to your agenda.

4. No Limits To The Length

Unlike other major networks, YouTube has no time limit for uploaded videos. You can find even 10-hour long films! Of course, Instagram and Facebook also have an option to upload long videos, but let’s be honest – none of them can beat YouTube, because that’s where people go to watch some video content! For your business, it can be a good benefit, because you can put more information, editing and montage features, thus catching the interest of target group and occasional visitors. And you can give in much more personal flair, which works well for your brand awareness.

5. Deeper Connection

In other words – you get an opportunity to make a human face for your brand, yay! Nowadays, your potential clients want to know more about your brand’s values, inspirations, and ideas. And by providing them a place where all that can be displayed in a pleasant, interesting, and entertaining form is a chance to boost your sales. Social media, and YouTube included, are a perfect communication tool, because it is understandable for users, and they feel that they can reach a brand easily and get exactly what they want.

YouTube is an incredibly humanizing platform because you not only showcase your products or services, but you also get to connect with your buyers and provide a less robotic, more hearty service.

6. Everyone Goes There

This video-hosting is one of the most daily-basis visited sites in the world. Thanks to Google too. It is a common fact that YouTube is the second big search engine that exists on the internet. Having your SEO done properly, you will increase your rates significantly, due to the smart algorithm systems that organize and execute organic search for users. Say hello to the target audience expansion!

And now, as there is an understanding of the main benefits that YouTube has, it is time for some CON’S.

1. Branding Conflict

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to rely on the reputation of the platform itself. Some people can get confused by a mix of brands on your site or blog, and just bail on your content, even though it is one click away. And when people are bailing your content, they actually are bailing your product, so that is quite a risk, especially if you have similar to YouTube’s designs. This is not too common, but it happens sometimes, so you should think about it when starting your campaign.

2. Misplaced Tags And Wrong Related Videos

The algorithms of this platform are powerful and intelligent, yet still machines. As a business owner, you have no control over what is displayed as a related video (the ones that appear on the right side of the interface). Sometimes the section on the right will show off complete nonsense, that is not really connected to your niche or anything, but it has the same tagging. This is an issue that requires deep research on SEO because if it will not be solved, your brand will lose its potential on YouTube.

3. Competition Still There

Oh yes, the espionage goes on and on, because YouTube, as any other social media, is a fine source to collect information about the prospects of your competitors. And, they do the same. The concurrency is high as ever, due to the global lockdowns, and overall tendency to push business through online platforms. So sometimes you can find yourself in an unpleasant situation when your ideas are stolen, or compromised by others.

4. Free To Use But You Still Need To Pay

Well, yes, it is a free hosting platform, it is true. But promotion here requires time, effort, and some money. Although the budgets can be small, they still are needed. You either pay for Ads, or invest in third-party services. But, it is business after all, and free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. Also, paying for advertising on YouTube requires much work on content, thus spending more money on production.

5. No 100% Guarantee To Succeed

Unfortunately, the promotion on YouTube includes luck too. To make your video a hit, you should count in a bunch of factors. However sad it sounds, not all videos can become viral and widely known. Some of YouTube hits become those unintentionally, and some impeccably shot films remain unnoticed. All you do for promotion on YouTube is basically increasing the chances to hit the crowd.

6. Practically Impossible To Have Direct Sales

YouTube is primarily about entertainment, and very rarely people use this platform for purchasing things or services. Due to this specific, putting in selling videos is usually a loss of time, if you want to increase sales. This network serves better as a complementary instrument, that works when a user is already interested in the product. Having high rates on YouTube doesn’t mean more sales, it is a display of your individuality and accomplishments, company values, and product in context.


YouTube is a very versatile platform, yet it has some specific features, that can be not usable for your current goals. Like any other marketing campaign, entering social media requires planning and previous research, so it will become an instrument of your power.

Written by Stop The Breaks
Stop The Breaks is an independent music marketing company focused on showcasing independent hip-hop artists. Our goal is to help motivate, inspire and educate independent artists grinding around the world. We provide branding, content marketing, social media, SEO and music promotion services.