Are you looking for a new way to consume your marijuana but aren’t too sure which product you should go with? Are you undecided whether you should choose a bong or a dab rig but don’t know which one will be better to use?

The world of marijuana is extremely diverse. There days, not only are there different strain of marijuana that you can consume, but there is now also a huge variety of products to choose form and a plethora of different ways to consume it. One of the oldest products around to consume marijuana is the bong. It’s been around forever. One of the newest products around is the dab rig. Both are similar in their function, and both can be found on online stores, like Smoke Cartel, but make use of different marijuana products. You might be wondering which of these is better or which one you should get, and the decision can be a bit difficult to make, so here is everything you need to know.

What is a dab rig?

If you are new to world of marijuana you may not know what a dab rig is. This is because dab rigs are also relatively new to the marijuana industry and have only just recently started becoming more and more popular. A dab rig looks very similar to that of a bong in that it is a glass pipe in which you put water and inhale vapour once the product has been heated.

Instead of making use of the actual herb, dab rigs use a concentrated version of the products in the form of a wax or an oil that has a much higher dosage for a much smaller amount. The way this becomes vapor is by heating up the product and inhaling it through the mouth piece where it is diluted by the water. Dab rigs make use of intense heat rather than combustion making it give you a much stronger high as well.

What is a bong?

The bong has been around for quite a long time and is one of the more classic ways to consume marijuana is you don’t want to inhale actual smoke. Just like the dab rig, bongs also create a vapour which is inhaled instead of smoke; however, bongs make use of the actual herb instead of a concentrate in the form of a wax or oil. E-nail is gaining popularity among users.

Also similar to the dab rig, bongs have a bowl of water below the pipe which the product is diffused through to created the vapor which is inhaled. When using a bong, the product is heated though combustion which means that the products is set alight and burned. Some people may not be so interested in this kind of heating method as typically burned marijuana doesn’t have the same effect as that of marijuana heated though hot surfaces.

Components of each

The dab rig is fairly simple and does not have too many components. What you will get when you purchase one it the glass piece, and the nail. The glass piece is what hold everything together and where you inhale from and the nail is what it heated in order for the product to vaporise. Additionally, you will need to buy a flame torch to heat up the nail and an optional extra is a dabber which will make it earlier to get the product onto the nail.

A bong is also fairly simple and comes with the two basic components. The glass piece and the bowl. You will also have to buy an additional flame touch or lighter in order to light up the weed. The glass piece is where the water goes in and where you inhale from and the bowl is where you pack in your weed and light up. The bowl fits nicely into the glass piece.

How to use each

Bong bongs and dab rigs are fairly simple to use once you know what you are doing. When smoking a bong, you will need to add some water to your glass piece, grind you weed and back it tightly into your bowl, light it up, and then just put your mouth over the mouth piece and inhale as much as you can while keeping the flame over the weed.

Using a dab rig is similar but a bit more complicated. You start off the same by adding water to you glass piece. The you add a small amount of the concentrate to your dabber. Moving on, you heat up the nail with your torch until it is blazing red and as soon as it turns red you want to put the product on the nail and move it around so that it can vaporise. While doing this you should bong, inhale through the moth piece.

Benefits of both

When it comes to using both the dab rig and the boing, there are benefits that come along with each. The most prominent being that you are inhaling vapour instead of smoke making it much safer for your lungs.

Using a dab rig also has its added benefits in that you can have a much stronger dose if you desire to because the concentrate is so concentrated. Using both a bong or a dab rig is also a quick and efficient way to feel the effects as quickly as possible.

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