Blackjack is a popular casino game played in bricks and mortar casinos as well as being played online. It can be played in many different ways so that it suits beginners, experts and professional Blackjack players. Blackjack is popular because of the speed at which it is played, how enticing it is as a game holistically and it is great for keeping the attention. Some people choose to play Blackjack as a luck or chance game, but there are many ways in which it can be played as a skill or strategy game. When skills and strategies are applied, the enjoyment factor for this game increases quickly as does the likelihood of you being able to win at playing Blackjack. Let’s look at what you need to know in order to be more successful at playing Blackjack at today.

Blackjack Concept

The main idea behind Blackjack is to get as close as you can to your cards totalling 21 as you possibly can without going bust which is when you exceed the number 21. Each card in play has a value attached to it which is how the number 21 is totalled. Blackjack starts with each player at the table being dealt two cards once all bets have been placed. One card faces upwards and the other downwards. In turn, the dealer goes around the table and turns over the second card which is downward facing, and gives the player the opportunity of deciding what they would like to do with their turn. This is where you need to learn how to strategize so that you are able to beat the dealer, who is also playing the game as well as overseeing it. The dealer is the last player to get their two cards, is last to make their decision, and can also use strategy to play the game of Blackjack as well. One of the biggest tests you will face when playing Blackjack is how well you can keep your nerve because you do not want to stick when you should take a hit or take a hit when you should have stuck and result in going bust. Learning this art, along with a few others, is the key to be able to have success at Blackjack playing, though this skill can take time to pick up on.

Counting Cards

Counting cards, or more commonly known as tagging, is one of the most popular ways in which a strategy is formulated by players. This is not actually where the number of cards are counted but where a system is created to help you to make an educated guess as to what each round of Blackjack may have in store for you and the cards you are dealt. The way to do this is actually very simple, although this is a strategy used for long term playing of Blackjack as it does not help for a short term or one-off game.

To count cards or tag cards, you need to keep a running total in your head so this is a good memory test as well. This is not just about the cards that you have been dealt, but it actually takes all cards of that one particular game into consideration, including those in the dealers’ hand. What you have to do is either add or subtract one from the running total in your mind as you see the cards being dealt. It is done in this way. If the card dealt is between the numerical value of 2 and 6, then you should add one to your mental total. If the card dealt is either an Ace, a picture card or a number 10, then you subtract one away from your mental total. At the end of the game, you will be left with a number. If you have a positive total, then you are able to deduce from this that there are cards or higher values left in the pack and have yet to be played. In this instance, you should increase your bet as you are more likely to be able to win by directly getting Blackjack (hitting 21 exactly). The opposite applies if you have a negative total remaining at the end of a game. This tells you that the cards remaining in the pack which have not yet been played are of a lower value and you would be well advised to decrease the size of your bet. This is because it is likely to take many more cards to be able to hit 21 so the risk of you being able to do so without going bust is much higher. Playing Blackjack using this method is a great way to avoid losing large quantities of money unnecessarily.

Blackjack Strategy Charts

For the tried and tested methods, you could take a look at the Blackjack Strategy Chart which is relied upon by many players. This is something that is easy to visualise in the mind when you are playing so this helps players to know when to stick or hit, increase or decrease their bets. Be sure that you are using the right Strategy Chart when playing Blackjack as there are three different varieties for the game.

The Strategy Chart actually gives you an impressive amount of information although it does not look like anything particularly special. Down the left-hand side is the total amount that the cards make up in the players’ hand. Along the top of the Strategy Chart, the total number created by the cards in the dealers’ hand. Simply coordinate the two numbers and see what is written in the box where the two points cross over. They are colour marked which is a great way of helping you to remember what is what, and you might even be able to start making bigger decisions about your game such as when to surrender and when to split your cards. If you are wanting to play Blackjack frequently, the Strategy Chart is a good tool to enhance your gameplay, enjoyment factor and your winnings.

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