To stay fit and healthy, feel good about themselves, keep the body in shape, etc., are some of the top reasons why women choose to join the gym. But the question is that why are these simple things so difficult to achieve even when the motivation is 100%. The most simple and straight answer to this question would be the mistakes that women make unknowingly while working for their goals. Here is a list of some of the top mistakes that women make that surely impact negatively in their overall fitness journey.

  • Opting the incorrect training modality: In most cases, whenever a woman aims at bringing herself back in shape, she chooses to start with heavy cardio exercises, but in reality, one must start their fitness journey with strength training activities. Even though there are no such harms of cardio, there are more advantages of beginning with strength training. Also, strength training acts as a catalyst in enhancing your posture and bone density. Furthermore, you should always pay attention to your gym outfits as they play a vital role in posture improvement. For example, always choose a good quality sports bra as it helps in avoiding breast pain and keeps them in shape by allowing minimum breast movement.
  • Not being regular with a well-balanced program: Strength training, great exercises, and regularity are not enough for your fitness journey. You have to follow up a well-designed plan that includes breathing exercises, soft tissue activities before training sessions, a proper warm-up, strength training, and then ultimately cardio. In case your program lacks any of these activities, then you will not see the best results. Apart from performing great exercises that your body requires, you must also pay equal attention to what you are feeding to your body. Don’t forget to get the number of carbs and protein that your body requires and cut down the unnecessary junk you’d otherwise eat. [If you find it hard to eat healthily, you may want to add a protein supplement to your nutrition plan. Protein supplements make getting your daily protein intake easier, even without consuming too many calories. It also helps you build strong muscles and improves your performance. Eating healthy should be a priority if you want to lead a balanced and healthy life. Your body needs certain nutrients to function correctly. If you do not provide your body with the necessary nutrients, it will not function properly, resulting in poor health and a loss of energy. Lastly, proper rest is a must if you want to see results. Your body needs time to recover and rebuild itself after your workouts.]
  • Avoiding heavy lifts: Lifting weights and being consistent with them is not enough rather, what is more important is how heavy you lift. But keep in mind that you must increase the weights gradually. Initially, your body weight is heavy enough to be lifted and then gradually move towards lifting external weights. You just have to follow one simple piece of advice that is to ensure that you are constantly pushing your body out of its comfort zone, but at the same time, you are not too hard on yourself. Know how much to stretch and know when to relax.
  • Rest is as important as exercises: Remember, rest simply means rest. Therefore, don’t complicate it. You have to only rest during the intervals you have kept for taking rest. Also, the importance of rest intervals between sets is very common but knowing how much to rest between which sets is crucial. There are sets between which it is absolutely fine to go with minimum rest intervals, but at the same time, you will have to indulge in a good amount of rest during heavy sets. Taking proper rest between exercises helps your muscles to repair and rebuild.
  • Warm-up: Not doing a proper session of warm-up before the actual workout session is a must for both men and women. But people often tend to forget this step, and this is one of the most common mistakes while training. It has already been discussed in the above points that what you can include in a proper warm-up session. Now let us discuss some of the benefits of a good warm-up. It helps in improving blood circulation raises your body temperature precisely to the point that it is best for any workout. Not only this, but it also helps in enhancing your neuro-motor connection. Thus, the results are far more effective.


These are some of the major and basic mistakes that women tend to make while training. Therefore, leading to not-so-fulfilling results. Hence, you must keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of a proper training session if you are truly passionate about your fitness and you want to see the best results. Also, ensure that you take care of diet as much as your training because our fitness does not only depend on exercises but also a balanced diet.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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