Music has many cognitive benefits to offer to anyone, not just music students. From improved cognition and memory, music is also soothing and can be a way for self-expression. Needless to say, music has become a commodity that is consumed only, but if you think that you could learn how to play an instrument, by all means.

Should Students Listen to Music

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What are the Benefits of Music Education?

While listening to music, your brain starts ticking differently – in fact, many cognitive abilities improve. Regardless of this, it is true that the same benefits hold true in the case of music education. Being able to play music counts double to listening to it – this is why you’ve never seen a stressed-out musician – they do what they love.

Stress Reliever

Music is a known stress reliever, and with so many music genres, it can be difficult not to find music to match your mood. Whatever instrument you may play, you can expect your emotions to flow out and stress to reduce to normal levels. Similarly to painting, music education can truly reduce your stress levels. This has been proven countless times.

Increased Attention Span in Music Students

Many students who play an instrument or have at least attended some form of music education find that they have an increased attention span. Although the mechanism for attention span increase is unknown, it is believed that the communal aspect of playing in a band or orchestra, as well as having to be focused on musical notes when playing solo, has a lot to do with it. In the world of social media and short attention spans, who wouldn’t like to increase it and be at the top of the class again?

Time Management with Music Education

Improved time management skills are another important aspect of music education. In fact, playing music means being aware of the rhythm of each piece you play. It also means being in sync with all other music players performing during rehearsals. This is a valuable skill to have and one that has so many benefits for your overall life.

Improved Motor Skills

Playing an instrument means practicing your hands all the time. Since your fingers do so much work every time you play a piece, it is no wonder that music can actually help strengthen the brain-hand neural pathway. This means better fine motor skills and better coordination of your movements.

Improved Reading Comprehension

As music notes take a lot of dedication to decode and play out, a sharp focus is needed. Good reading comprehension is a great skill that so many young people lack. In fact, musicians have an improved attention span and reading comprehension, as they both rely on prolonged periods spent focusing on what is on the paper.

Improved Understanding of School Matter

Finally, a lot of students who undergo music training have a better academic performance than their peers with no or with very little musical background. The improved focus, increased attention span, and enhanced reading comprehension all contribute to improved grades and ensure that the student is less likely to drop out as well. Guess you do not need to if you excel at every topic there is.


Both listening to music and playing it have many benefits to offer. Besides the social aspect of playing music and the cognitive benefits it can bring to you, it can also offer the added benefits of improved fine motor skills and time management. In fact, this is one of the best hobbies to undertake and is our recommendation.

Caitlin Ganz

Caitlin Ganz is passionate about music and would love to be a professional piano player one day. As soon as she started learning how to play her favorite instrument, she could see her grades improve. Now, she is a big proponent of music education and would love to offer summer piano classes through her HOA.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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