NetEnt’s motto: equal payout percentages for all players. The developer does not give the casino any means of adjustment or correction of slots, placing all games on its servers. But will there be a difference in payouts between a player who deposits his account for the fifth time and has never withdrawn money before, and a player who immediately withdraws any winnings from the casino? Will the slot machines behave the same way or play along with the loser? Let’s talk about adaptive mathematics on the best slot websites.

As you know, one of the main objectives of any online casino software is to interest and motivate the player to make repeated deposits. As they say, if no one won in the casino, no one would play in them. So, the developers set themselves the task to adjust the software in such a way that players continue to play the “minus” game and recharge in the hope of winning.

What is adaptive mathematics in gambling

Probabilities of falling out winnings are subject to mathematical laws, which have several variables. They are considered to be a factor of luck. These variables may well be adaptive, that is, changing when certain conditions are met.

So, adaptive mathematics in online casinos may be the factor that keeps the player’s interest and motivates him to deposit again and again.

Let us give you an example of how the statistics change depending on the type of player:

Example of changing stats

According to the classification of players by NetEnt software, it is likely that there is a correlation between the total balance of the player (positive or negative) since the beginning of the game at a given online casino and the probability of a large win. Adaptive mathematics will affect the outcome of each game as follows:

  • The average player’s bet – € 1, and the balance for 100 games will be about 0. “The coefficient of adaptive mathematics” will have little effect on the probability of falling out big winnings in slots NetEnt.
  • The player plays with a total bet of € 1 and has a balance of + € 1,000 since registration. The coefficient will significantly increase the probability of a big win.
  • The player has a big win or hit the jackpot. His balance + €10,000 with an average bet of €1. The Adaptive Mathematics Factor will have a significant impact on the outcome of each round.

Adaptive Mathematics

Adaptive math is an adaptive model. It will change the probability of each b in an effort to meet the stated payout percentage statistics of the selected game. Let’s try to figure it out with an example:

  • Suppose a player always plays the Blood Suckers slot with a payout of 98%. The player’s average bet is €1.
  • The player got lucky: after playing 1,000 rounds (betting €1,000), he earned €2,000. So, with a payout percentage of 98%, the player would have €980 left (98% of €1,000), and he would have €3,000 left.
  • The adaptive math ratio will tend to decrease the balance by €2,020 (and bring it to the optimum value of 98%). At the same time, with each new spin, 2% of the average player’s bet will be deducted from this amount. Thus, there is an actual balance and an estimated balance corresponding to the statistics.
  • Reverse situation. Having played €1,000 in Blood Suckers, the player has poured all the money. The adaptive math ratio will “play along” with the user to increase the winnings to €980.

It is very important to understand that the more spins you make, the more accurate the statistics will be. In the end, having made several million spins, you will get a clear declared percentage of 98% of all bets made.


Adaptive math odds are a tool designed to spur player interest and motivation. And the payout prize pool accumulates at each individual casino. Choose large establishments with great potential.

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