One guaranteed way to steal glances when you step into a high-profile room is by rocking the most eye-catching iced-out jewelry. From heavy iced hip-hop chains to stylish symbolic pendants, there is more than one way to make a statement. In this guide, we will show you just how best to style these aesthetic delights.

Types of iced-out jewelry

When we refer to iced-out jewelry, we often mean pieces of jewelry completely covered inch by inch with gemstones and diamonds. However, iced-out jewelry could also be pendants, men’s chains, rings, and watches covered in gold. The whole idea revolves around upping the ante when it comes to jewelry, ensuring you always stand out at big events and parties.

Iced pendants

When you think of iced-out jewelry, chances are your mind pictures iced-out pendants. They are the most commonly iced out part of chains. They can come in different designs, shapes, colors, etc. Oftentimes, they have sentimental or symbolic value to the wearer and so are usually iced out. For instance, crucifixes could have religious connotations to the wearer while a heart-shaped pendant could signify true love.

Iced out chain

One of the most versatile parts of iced-out jewelry is Iced-out chains. They could be styled in a variety of ways. They could be worn subtly or be worn as the center of attraction. If you want a flashy look, you’re better off rocking a huge Cuban link chain. You could also go for a tennis chain that is fully iced out if you are going for a more modest look.

Iced out bracelets

If you want a complimentary piece of jewelry to give your outfit a more sparkly look, an iced-out bracelet is just perfect. You must ensure that you pick out a style that best suits what you want to go for while maintaining class and sophistication. If you decide to rock a Cuban link bracelet, you will fully embody the ‘life of the party’ look while rocking a tennis bracelet will be best if you want a calmer look.

Iced out watches

There is no way you can show elegance, class, and style without an iced-out watch. You have to be careful however as it could easily overshadow the rest of your outfit. You could also bring the whole together by matching the metal part of your watch with the rest of the jewelry you’re rocking.

How to shop for iced-out jewelry on a budget

Iced-out jewelry usually symbolizes wealth and a flashy lifestyle. However, you do not need to worry about going too deep into your pocket in a bid to afford iced-out jewelry. Whether it is 9ct gold or cubic zirconia, there are several ways you can get your jewelry within your budget.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is one of the most common alternatives to diamonds. Many hip-hop artists have resolved to utilize CZ for their iced-out jewelry rather than natural diamonds for several reasons. One of which is the fact that it’s cheaper and can be made in a lab. It is also almost impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds. This makes them a reliable alternative if you’re working with a budget.

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