Below are 9 ways of living that can significantly impact your self-worth and happiness.

1. Take It Easy

Taking baby steps is the best move when starting. In short, you better stick to the basics when starting your journey to happiness instead of trying to understand and answer the deep questions regarding self-identity or doing lengthy daily meditation. Mundane things like eating healthily and sleeping at a decent hour can do wonders for your self-worth. Speak to the professionals at

2. Let Go Of Anger Before The Sun Go Down

Avoid bottling up the issues that get your blood boiling. Consider talking or airing them out because venting about them makes you feel better. It is best to do so as soon as possible, before the end of your day. However, it also is wise to know when to express your anger and hold your peace. Venting about minor, fleeting irritations often amplifies your anger instead of helping you dissipate it.

3. Fake It Until You Feel It

How you act is often governed by how you feel. Therefore, start taking deliberate action to cheer yourself up during such times. For instance, you can do something thoughtful to someone close to you that makes you angry even when every fiber of your being says otherwise. It helps soften your feelings toward them.

4. Commit Yourself To What Is Worth Doing

Surprises can be exciting; hence, dealing with the unexpected can elicit a powerful sense of satisfaction. Novelty and challenge are crucial to being happy. Even learning new things is the same as facing the unexpected. It can be traveling to unfamiliar destinations, learning a new game, or picking up a new craft as a hobby. People who engage in new things are often happier than those who prefer what they find familiar. Moreover, it does not matter if you are unsuccessful, so long as you are committed to having fun as you learn.

5. Don’t Fix Your Blues With A “Treat.”

Often, “treats” are not good for you. They are fleeting pleasures we turn to when we are experiencing lousy days. The feeling of loss of control, guilt, and other negativities push you to consider treats like a few glasses of wine, puffing a cigarette, downing a pint of ice cream, or buying a new pair of shoes might sound like they will make you happy during such moments, but they do not make things better.

6. Buy Some Happiness

It is human nature to want to feel secure, loved, and vast in what we do. We all desire to have a sense of control over many aspects of life. Money does play a role in achieving these, but it does not automatically fill the requirements. Instead, every penny that goes into ways to stay in contact with family and friends, eliminate irritations, support worthwhile causes, work more efficiently, and have positive experiences is money well spent. Some of these expenditures might be costly, but how you see them make a difference in another person’s life for the better will be a significant source of happiness.

7. Do Not Insist On The Best

We all want the best, and it is understandable. However, does going for the best satisfy your desires? Does it meet the qualities you want? In short, are you a “satisficer” decision-maker? On the other hand, you could be a “maximizer” decision-maker. It is the type of person who strives to make the best possible choice even after what you want meets the requirements, and you will put it under a microscope. Hence, maximizers are less happy than satisficers because they spend much of their time and effort second-guessing their decisions. At times, what you find is good enough is just that; do not expect more for it.

8. Exercise To Boost Energy

We all have heard of the health benefits of exercise, but how often do we put this into practice? Excuses like being too tired or busy to make time for the gym are overrated. A brisk walk in the evening or a 10-minute jog can brighten your outlook.

9. Stop Nagging

The day you

quit being a nag

is when you will discover how happy you and your partner can be. Nagging others makes you come across as insensitive, and you speak angrily. Instead, consider taking a different approach if your goal is to express how you feel about something and how you want it done. Drop wordless hints and allow yourself to be unphased when things are not done according to your schedule.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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