It is managers who are to lead their employees and create a basis for the progressive development of their working group.

Then it goes without saying that everyone at a workplace has their own responsibility for achieving different goals and ensuring that well-being is at the workplace, but a manager always has the overall responsibility.

1. You are alone

Being a manager also means that you are alone. However, you do not have to feel alone if you delegate and involve other employees that you lead. But you also face the consequences of the decisions you make, and you cannot “share” those with anyone. Hence, you must always keep in mind that you are alone, in that sense.

If you could buy college papers or ask somebody to help you out, here you must do the hard work yourself.

2. You need to find your unique way

You cannot copy the leadership styles of others, but your style must be based on your characteristics and traits. If you are a copy of someone else, you will quickly be transferred to the “expendable” department.

3. You are always responsible for your decisions

Every person is accountable for their choices. But as a manager, it is very much about how you communicate the consequences of these decisions. Think about how your choices will affect your other managers and employees and try to predict the outcome.

4. You should be transparent but like a “frosted bathroom glass”

Today, there is much talk about being transparent, but that does not mean that you should be so. There some decisions that aren’t as pleasant to make as the others, and it is your right as the manager to be discretionary about them. Therefore, your transparency should remind everybody of a “frosted bathroom glass” where others can see the outlines of you, but not see through you.

5. You are always exposed

You must be aware that you are always exposed. Everything you do matters: whether you are a positive person, give feedback, run late, look tired, scream at your employees, how you dress, etc. All you do will affect your employees around you. Later, It might not be possible to demand from others to be or do something that you are not or cannot do. Remember that actions here weigh more than words.

6. Be careful about power

Safeguarding power means that you understand how it can influence you and everyone around and that you want to take this role. If you think having power feels awkward, you will have a few problems. That uncertainty will “catch” on all other employees, and soon they will wonder what they are doing wrong. But remember that power is like a drug. To counter this, you should have someone who can be straightforward and honest with you or who can play the role of “the devil’s advocate.”

7. You can take responsibility for other managers’ decisions

In a company, you are not the only one who decides, and even a CEO is well aware of this. That means that other managers’ decisions will affect your environment. Therefore, it is important to be ready for others’ actions. Phrases like, “I only do what others tell me,” undermine your role as a leader, and other employees might lose respect for you.

On the other hand, you have a responsibility to question other managers’ decisions, but do it face-to-face with the person concerned.

8. You should be communicative

It might seem like an obvious thing, but it’s not. We often love ourselves and our own voice. Therefore, we tend to create a monologue instead of dialogue. There is an expectation among many employees that one should be led. Paradoxically, each individual also wants to feel unique and stand out, which means that it is not always easy for dialogue to exist.

9. You should let your environment grow

A good and successful manager allows their employees to grow and develop. Do it by “cultivating” your local environment with feedback, listening, and trust — then your employees will improve and use their potential to the fullest.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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