If you thought addiction was only for the common people, you are wrong. Some of the most seasoned rappers had to undergo rehab for drug addiction to cut themselves loose from the bondage of addiction. A person like 50 cents was arrested at the age of 15 years due to drug trafficking and owned a gun and 15,000 US dollars. Drug use among rappers is very common only that some undergo detoxification interventions before it could worsen to a more devastating point. Here are some of the best rappers who at one point had to be taken to rehab.


Arguably the number one white rapper in the world. He once overdosed on methadone and his doctor said he was 2 hours from dying. Eminem was put under a high dose of 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin a day to provide quick detoxification. Besides being in rehab, he had a mentor by the name Elton John who was also an addict trying to make Eminem reform. In 2008, Eminem checked in rehab and started his way to sobriety. He even dedicated a whole album on drug detoxification, the album called ”recovery”.


A verse from DMX can make you fall in love with hip hop. His drug use behavior begun when he was 14 years old. That was the time when he smoked cocaine and ever since then, he has been in and out of jail to drug-related offenses. DMX cocktailed cocaine with marijuana for more euphoric feeling and this escalated his condition to a more serious one. It was from that point when his family had to take him to rehab. He reformed owing to the serious detoxification measures that were put in place. Although he stopped cocaine, he still uses marijuana. One of the possible solutions for drug addiction is a 12 step rehab.


When he was 13, he broke his parents’ alcohol cabinets and took 12 shots. The sedative feeling of alcohol gave him the desire to have more and more. That is where the alcoholism addiction started, and he struggled with it. It reached a point when alcohol never gave him the feeling he wanted so as a result, he opted to use OxyContin. At the age of 25 years, he saw the substance was deteriorating his creatives and social integrity and that is when he checked into rehab ready to change his way of life and become a better person.


T.I is the mastermind behind the paper trail album. OxyContin was the substance of interest and it affected him to the point that he had to seek help in rehab. That was when he realized, smoking and drinking was bad for his life. In 2008 during his interview with Howard Stern, he said drinking has no benefits, and if someone can forgo it, it would be better for their health and life. T.I also hinted that recovery requires different ways, so you need to be cooperative to ensure you have the best outcomes. Rehab is not for anyone but for the addict to rejuvenate his system and become a sober person.

50 Cent

50-cent was brought up by a mother who was a drug dealer in the streets of Jamaica queens. His mother died and 50 was left to hustle his way out and as a result, he started dealing drugs. After the death of his mother, he used to live with his grandparents who used to take care of him. Drug dealing life had a lot of crime scenes and 50 found himself in jail and rehabs throughout. He later reformed and now he is one of the legendary rappers and film actors.


Addiction is for everyone, rich or poor as long as you take a substance that is addictive. The best way is to keep off drugs and ensure the optimum level of alcohol consumption. If you are already addicted to marijuana, detoxification is the best way to go to avoid landing yourself in rehabs.

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