Are you a music and cannabis lover and want to know how you can marry the two together to make the perfect symphony? Do you want to know which cannabis strain is the best for those who are music lovers?

Cannabis is a drug known to affect your mental perception of things such as time, speed, and other things. When consumed, cannabis typically gives one a euphoric high that enhances your sensors and makes you feel amazing. And when it comes to cannabis consumption, there are many methods and devices to choose from.

Some are more popular than others. However, a few devices have remained a synonym for cannabis consumption, such as bongs. Today, bongs are available in all sizes, from mini bongs to huge statement bongs. Choosing the perfect device is important when it comes to a great cannabis experience, but choosing the right strain is even more so.

With that said, different strains of cannabis can do different things and even have different feelings that result from it. As a music lover, here are five of the best cannabis strains to try out.

Sour Diesel

While many people just think that cannabis is cannabis and that it’ll do the same thing, something to keep in mind is that there are many different strains of cannabis, and they all offer something slightly different from the next. As a music lover, you want to choose a strain that will offer the best effects when listening to music and experiencing all it has to offer.

The first cannabis strain on our list of five cannabis strains for music lovers is sour diesel. Also known as Sour D or Sour Deez, Sour Diesel is a very popular strain for those who want to have an intense euphoric high.

The strain first became popular in the 1990s and has remained popular since then. While it may have a flavor punch, it has incredibly energizing effects and is on the higher end of the scale of THC. This is truly a great strain if you want to get high while listening to music.

Purple Kush

Next up on our list, we have a pure Indica strain from California, purple Kush. Because it is an Indica strain, it is more of a calming strain of weed that can leave you feeling blissful and relaxed.

Purple Kush is on the higher end of the THC scale and will leave you feeling sleepy and stress-free. This is an excellent strain for those who just want to take a relaxing evening to listen to music and forget about the world around them.

Grape Ape

When it comes to listening to music while getting high, the best strains you can go with are those of Indica or Indica hybrids. The next strain that we’ll be looking at is the grape ape. This strain is a true heavy hitter and offers a much stronger experience than other Indica varieties.

Grape ape it’s a crossbreed between skunk, original afghani, and Mendocino purps. With that said, this strain is a very exciting one and definitely one that you should try out if you are a music lover and want to have a great experience while listening to music.

Girl Scout Cookies

Making our way closer to the end of our list, the next cannabis strain for music lovers is Girl Scout cookies. Also known as GSC, Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain next that is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison.

This strain has become so popular because of its common euphoric effects followed by relaxation of your whole body. It will leave you feeling happy and stress-free but not give you such an intense euphoric high. This is great for those who have a lower THC tolerance but still want to consume weed while listening to music for the best experience.

Blue Dream

Last but not least, the final strain that you should try out if you are a music lover looking to have a great crossover experience is the blue dream. Blue dream is a very popular hybrid cannabis strain, and it’s something that you can really rock out to.

This strain of cannabis is particularly heavy on THC, with 24% THC and 2% CBD. Many people who use blue dream claim that it alters their senses of perception and produces great results when listening to music. One could say that you should expect to see the sound in colors and for the song to be slowed down, giving you the ultimate euphoric experience.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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