For some people, the guitar is a tricky deal, but some play it smoothly. Playing guitar is not rocket science. You have to focus on the chords and remember the notes. Guitar lessons are indeed tough to understand, but a professional teacher will help you reach your goals. There is no substitute for an experienced mentor, whether he teaches you physically or from an online class. As we know, it is the era of technology and modernization, so some online platforms are teaching guitar. You can also search for christian guitar lessons online.

Due to COVID-19, everyone wants everything in his/her house. That’s why some online platforms like and are offering guitar classes with experienced teachers; offers also 14-day free trial. So through these platforms, you can learn guitar. Some of the essential steps to learn guitar songs are given below:


1. Learn to tune by ear

The first and the most critical step for a beginner to learn guitar is to learn a tune by ear. I have seen many new guitarists spending hours and hours on the guitar that doesn’t sound right. Keeping your guitar in a suitable tune is very important and can be helpful for beginners.

The best way to use the guitar by tune is through a digital tuner. You can easily buy a cheap digital tuner and learn it correctly and more accurately. The open strings of a guitar are the notes E-A-D-G-B-E, and you can remember this note pattern by some clues. A digital tuner will help you to get these strings correctly in tune. Through this, you will also learn how to pitch the guitar when you practice. It is a fact that the guitar sounds better when you tune it by ear.

Another great benefit when you tune it by ear is that now you can play anything on it you hear from another guitarist. This technique is beneficial for young guitarists who are new to this musical instrument.

You can see the history of this instrument’s gods. All the experienced and professional guitarists tuned it by ear and played all their talented notes. These same notes and same chords are also available on your instrument. But it may take a lot of hard work and time to learn and play these notes as you want. You can also perform anything that another guitarist is playing. You need to do hard work and focus on the beats.

2. Build your chord vocabulary

Playing your favorite songs on this musical instrument is not as easy as you think. Learning the basics of it is as vital as you tune it. You have to remember these basics if you want to play it as quickly as possible. There are many basics to it. The essential basis of it is building your chord vocabulary.

A beginner guitar player will want to use shortcuts, but it will not help you. Some students of this instrument get frustrated when their mentor teaches them the basics because they are mandatory. It is such a time taking tool that you can spend your whole life mastering it. So, building your chord vocabulary will certainly help you use it as quickly as you want.

3. Practice by playing songs you love

Some people advise beginners that they should first master the necessary chords and scales and then play the songs they love. But I didn’t agree with this opinion. Because I have seen that most of the rock and country music you hear is based around fundamental chord progressions. So, learn to play these songs by practicing in your necessary cords. When you play these songs, you are working on your chords in words of real music.

I have seen that most transcribed songs also have some chords you need to learn in the basics. As I described above, it is not easy work, and it admittedly takes much time and hard work. At many points, you will stumble and bumble, but you don’t have to get bored. Try to play all the music and songs you love.

4. Practice the chromatic exercise

Although you are playing your favorite songs and band music on it yet getting deeper into it will certainly take more work and time. So, another simple way to master the techniques of it is through doing chromatic exercise. It is straightforward to do. Some simple steps to do chromatic exercise are given below:

  • First, try to play an open sixth string note. You have to play the first fret of the sixth string with your first finger.
  • Similarly, play the second fret of the same string with your second finger.
  • Similarly, play the third fret with your third finger.

This exercise continues to the fourth fret with the fourth finger is known as chromatic exercise.

5. Develop a strong work ethic

Some people think that guitar is such an instrument that you can only learn by hiring a mentor or a professional teacher. Although a teacher is an essential factor in gaining anything yet in this category, you have to give time and stuck to it.

A teacher gives you homework, and it is something that learning guitar is 90% homework. SO, if you don’t have any ambition or you are not giving time to it, you will eventually fail.

These are the five essential steps to learn playing guitar songs you love. These steps, like chromatic exercise and chord vocabulary, will help you play tunes. Still, it will also help you play any note another guitarist is playing.

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