Engaging large audiences on social media platforms is not an easy job, as most people think. Social media influencer knows how to attract and reach big audiences.

Undoubtedly, an influencer is strong on one or all platforms, but there may still be specific actions that must and must not be followed by the social media influencer. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for a social media influencer.

These days’ social media is considered the most effective legitimate marketing tool, which used in several different ways, such as sharing ideas, happenings, businesses, and everyday activities.

No matter what your goals are, you can create your own identity as a social media influencer – both in and out of your business operations. A social media influencer is someone who influences others through social media. You can also take the help of Melbourne based digital agency on getting this done correctly.

You know what? Some No GOs can help you to build an active and engaged relationship with your visitors or followers. Like the top social media influencers, you can make your mark too with your business, technical, and social media expertise.

You must know how, where, what, and when specific actions are needed to perform to influence your visitors, customers, readers, and audiences. You must also not forget that word-of-mouth is one of the most influential and valuable forms of marketing on social media. The social media experts in Melbourne based digital agency can also guide you all through the process.

Have a look at the given 10 No GOs that must be followed by every social media influencer.

Build Complete and Informative Profile

The profile of a social media influencer across different channels should be complete and informative. This step, generally, many influencers do ignore when they start concentrating on posting and branding.

Remember that your complete profile with easy to contact information will surely bring more business to you. Melbourne based digital agency knows how to build a professional profile so that more people watch your actions.

Show Professionalism

Apart from marketing strategies and focus on engagement, it is essential to show your professionalism. Like never be late at a business meeting. It is not acceptable conduct to let anybody wait for you. It may negatively impact those who are willing to do a partnership with a professional social media influencer for their brand.

Be timely in your reply

If you have turned on the comment feature on your blog or post anything on Facebook or other social media sites, you have to reply to people for their comments. Be available for people who show interest in your blogs/posts and give answers to your questions.

It does not mean that you have to sit 24/7 in front of your computer. Just be timely in your response. Make sure that if you have set a question and accepted a conversation from others, you must come up with your replies.

Do publish on right time

Just publish anything at any time is not worth it when there is no one to read it. Do you think it is useful to broadcast updates on the weekend? Simply it is No for a social media influencer. You must publish on Facebook at the peak time of your fans. Just look for the right time when you can get the maximum visibility.

Do positive interaction

The way a social media influencer interacts with people on social media and how he/she engages with them regularly will significantly impact your targeted audiences. People will show no interest if you are not responsive and polite. You can win the heart of others with your positive attitude.

Be actively engaged with fans/followers

A social media influencer should never forget his/her fans and followers. Building a relationship with those who are boosting your business is a long-term investment. No worries if it takes time. But make sure to be engaged with them through up-to-date content and regular posts on your page.

Never post Duplicate Content

Never cheat your fans and followers with copy content. Remember that fresh, interesting, and creative content has the power to convert potential visitors into customers. So, do not lose this opportunity by using duplicate content. Always come up with your creativity and thoughts.

Be personal with your fans and followers

If you are not getting any feedback for your updates, it means that your fans are not feeling it personally. Make your business page feel personal. Being a social media influencer, you must know how to show your humorous side along with business-oriented views. Be connected with people, and it will gradually lead to significant actions.

Participate in all social media networks

It is good to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. But being a social media influencer, you must actively participate in relevant conversations across different networks, which some ignore. Share your knowledge and journey with others.

Never Spam

No one likes spam. So, social media influencer needs to take care of not to do it. Posting uninterested, fake, and similar information constantly may annoy your fans and followers. So, never follow this approach to the influencer marketing campaign. It may bring an adverse effect on the brand image.


If your goal is to become a top social media influencer, the above given No GOs must be kept in mind to influence others with your marks. Moreover, taking the help of a Melbourne based digital agency can help you advertise and market your content on top social media platforms, both professionally and competitively.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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