There were few hip-hop records released during the 2000s that could match up to the political intensity or confrontational tone of Let’s Get Free. As the duo claims, they’re “somewhere in between N.W.A. and P.E.” Embodying the passionate anger of Ice Cube and social insight of Chuck D, I don’t think there could be a more appropriate comparison.

Rallying against fascist police states, readying the listeners for civil war, attacking totalitarian media corporations and bemoaning violence in hip-hop culture, stic man and M-1 encapsulated the heart and vision of Public Enemy and N.W.A. to the fullest.

And while the production team arranged a rather sparse and understated soundscape for the duo to spit over, it only served to intensify the listeners’ focus on dead prez’s provocative rhymes. No other post-2000 hip-hop record came close to the brimming revolutionary fire of Let’s Get Free.

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