Inspired by the widespread success of Elzhi’s 2011 Nas tribute project, ELmatic, Brooklyn rapper, Skyzoo, is teaming up with producer, AntMan Wonder, to release a Jay-Z tribute project,  An Ode to Reasonable Doubt.

The tape will feature 9 tracks from the duo and will be paying homage to Jay-Z’s 1996 debut album. Scheduled for release on December 4th (Jay-Z’s birthday), An Ode to Reasonable Doubt will be dropping via Skyzoo’s imprint First Generation Rich, Inc. and Loyalty Digital Corp.

According to Skyzoo – “For me, Reasonable Doubt was and is one of the most cohesive bodies of work in hip hop, period. The way Hov painted exactly what that side of the fence was, from the highs and celebrations, to the lows and worried phone calls, to the emotions of someone truly with the weight of the world on their shoulders. It was as honest and clear cut as you can get.”


Written by Stop The Breaks
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