• Polo G’s family drama took a serious turn.
  • Stacia Mac filed a restraining order against her daughter, Leilani.
  • The incident followed a violent altercation in April.
  • A viral video captured the distressing event.
  • Mac has been vocal on Instagram about the situation.

Polo G’s family drama took a serious turn recently. His mother, Stacia Mac, has officially filed a restraining order against her own daughter, Leilani. This legal move comes after an unsettling event back in April when Mac and Leilani had a significant altercation.

According to Mac, Leilani came home intoxicated after Easter celebrations. The situation quickly escalated when Leilani began attacking her mother in her bedroom and breaking things around the house. As the tension grew, Mac felt compelled to use a gun to protect herself. A security camera caught the incident, and the video went viral on social media, adding more fuel to the fire.

Mac addressed the incident on her Instagram Story. She admitted that the video is “distressing,” but emphasized that she found herself in a position no one should face: having to defend her home and loved ones from someone she deeply cares about. Mac shared that she had been trying to get help for Leilani for months. She reached out to family and friends, asking for their support in getting Leilani the professional care she needed. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain, leading to Leilani’s mental health deteriorating and her behavior becoming more erratic and violent.

Furthermore, Mac responded to various accusations Leilani made online. For instance, she posted a receipt proving she paid for her son’s bond when he was arrested in 2022. Leilani had alleged that Mac was working as a state’s witness in that case, which Mac firmly denied.

Despite the troubling circumstances, Mac’s actions are driven by a deep sense of care and responsibility towards her daughter. She continues to update her followers on Instagram, providing insight into the family’s ongoing struggles.

This family situation underscores the complexities of dealing with mental health issues and protective measures.

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