If you’re a fan of Nas and jazz music, you have to check out Jazzmatic [Nas Remixes] by UK hip-hop artist Funky DL. Released in March 2013, Jazzmatic was a huge success, featuring 10 classic Nas tracks remixed over 1930s jazz breaks.

It’s the late 1930’s and the local jazz club is packed to the brim with people awaiting the rapper Nas and his jazz musicians (orchestrated by Producer Funky DL) along with featured artists to come and play a 10-track set to forever be remembered. The lights are dim and the hall is filled with smoke, whilst the clinking sound of champagne flutes ambiently gesture in the atmosphere. Nas and Funky DL are having their picture taken outside the club in an array of spotlights glaring from their vehicles (see artwork). Then it happens… The two step inside and “JAZZMATIC” erupts … All you have to do now is… “press play”…

Check the track listing and download the mixtape below.

1. Intro 00:25
2. You Know My Style 03:31
3. Rewind feat. Lei-an 02:42
4. Life’s a Bitch feat. AZ 03:15
5. Get Down 04:22
6. Made You Look 03:23
7. Intermission 00:24
8. Blaze a 50 feat. Lei-an 03:19
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell 03:35
10. One Love feat. Lei-an 05:29
11. Purple 03:52
12. Virgo feat. Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh & Lei-an 04:26
13. Outro 03:41

Download the mixtape

Written by Stop The Breaks
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