Lil Duval has made it abundantly clear that his ‘Gemini Retreat’ is nothing like Diddy’s infamous parties and the alleged behavior associated with them.

Taking to social media, the comedian went around his party making sure everyone was there of their own free will. He even filmed a group of girls dancing to prove his point. But many fans were still displeased. One user commented, ‘We are not comparing your retreat, we are comparing your behavior. Both of you are womanizers, and both of you degrade women in your own ways. One is a Covert Narc and the Other is an Overt Narc. Now stop projecting your insecurities, and enjoy your ‘safe’ party.’ Another added, ‘He always wanna crack jokes on sh*t that’s not funny that’s why he a D-list celebrity now.’ A third chimed in, ‘Yall n****s really think this Diddy sh*t is funny huh?’

Recently, Diddy faced his seventh sexual assault lawsuit in less than a year when a woman accused him of raping her multiple times in the 1990s. Producer Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones also accused Diddy of making unwanted advances, and the mogul recently settled a lawsuit with Cassie last November. Diddy has continuously denied these allegations for months and won’t face criminal charges for an assault on Cassie, as per a video published by CNN earlier this month.

Lil Duval attended the 2024 Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas earlier this year, and he was quick to laugh off comparisons between him and Diddy. Despite the backlash, he remains defiant in his stance that his retreat is harmless and consensual.

Stay tuned for further updates on Lil Duval and the ongoing allegations against Diddy.

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