Lil Durk is focused on ending gun violence in his hometown, calling on both the streets and politicians to join him.

During a recent appearance on the Big Facts Podcast, the Chicago rapper was asked by co-host Big Bank what he would do if he could ‘clean the streets of Chicago up’ and use his music to ‘kill all the beefs.’ Durk responded, ‘That’s the number one goal, to stop it. But the number one priority for us in the streets and politician-wise, is to stop the violence and slow it down as much as possible. It starts with everybody just coming together.’

Durk acknowledged the difficulty of this mission, adding, ‘But, like I said, it’s hard because you probably got him over here thinking he that, but his young n****s don’t even respect him. So, even if he be like,

Come on. Let’s come together.

They’d look at him like,

Get the fuck on.


Earlier this year, Lil Durk shared plans to organize a concert in Chicago called ‘Smurkchella’ to help combat the violence in the city. On his Instagram Story in April, he invited artists to join him in putting together the event, which he plans to host at the Bears’ stadium. ‘I’ma do a Smurkchella next year at the Bears stadium in Chicago,’ he wrote. ‘It’s gonna be a stop the violence event, and we gonna split half the money with different non-profits from big to small. I need help; I need every artist who locked in with me to help save these kids.’ Durk tagged his non-profit organization, @neighborhoodheroesfoundation, and added, ‘This is my way of giving back without saying it to look cool.’

Lil Durk launched his Neighborhood Heroes non-profit organization in 2020 and has consistently given back to his community since then. In 2022, they partnered with Chicago Votes to supply inmates and correctional facility workers at the Illinois Department of Correction with 29,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to combat the prison system’s lack of access to clean water amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Lil Durk’s ongoing efforts to bring various groups together show his determination to reduce violence in Chicago. His proactive approach, from organizing large-scale events to supporting essential pandemic resources, highlights his commitment to making a difference.

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