Drake is one of the biggest superstars in music, amassing a fortune approximated at $250 million. Handling such wealth can be complex, and a recent CBC News clip sheds light on how Drake manages his finances.

The report reveals that the rapper has more than 50 active business ventures. This investigation looked into viral claims about his involvement in over 20 businesses, only to uncover an even higher number.

A financial expert interviewed in the piece noted that using multiple LLCs is a common strategy among wealthy individuals to protect assets from potential creditors. Drake’s approach, while extensive, is not unusual for someone with his level of wealth.

In recent developments, Drake continues to make headlines beyond his financial strategies. He is recovering from a high-profile beef with Kendrick Lamar, marked by a series of diss tracks and serious allegations between the two rappers.

Despite this, Drake remains active in the music scene. He released a new track with Sexyy Red over the weekend and has reportedly collaborated on an upcoming song with Camila Cabello.

Drake’s financial maneuvers, including the use of over 50 LLCs, highlight a strategic approach to wealth preservation that is common among the affluent. While controversy surrounds his tactics, they are within the norm for managing significant assets.

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