• Chris Brown was seen dancing to Kendrick Lamar’s viral diss track against Drake.
  • The track accuses Drake of serious allegations.
  • Chris and Drake have a history of bad blood, dating back to 2012.
  • Brown’s club performance hints at taking sides in the feud.
  • The track has been popular since its release.

Chris Brown, known for his impressive dance moves, was recently spotted showing them off in a club to Kendrick Lamar’s viral Drake diss track, “Not Like Us.” The track has sparked controversy with its serious allegations against Drake, accusing him of being a “certified pedophile.”

The sight of Brown dancing to the track has fans buzzing, especially considering his past issues with Drake. The two artists reportedly had a scuffle in 2012 over Brown’s ex, Rihanna, and tensions have since lingered.

In 2015, Brown added fuel to the fire with a comment on Hot 97, refusing to discuss Drake to avoid giving him free publicity, stating, “I can’t keep making these motherf**kers famous.” Drake seemed to respond during a performance in New Zealand by changing the lyrics of his song “Energy” to target R&B artists instead of rappers.

Brown’s decision to publicly enjoy Lamar’s track could be seen as him siding with Kendrick in the ongoing feud. However, it might simply suggest that he’s a fan of the song, which has dominated the charts since its release in May.

Chris Brown’s dance to Kendrick Lamar’s diss track has added another layer to his complex history with Drake.

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