50 Cent couldn’t stop laughing when he heard an AI-generated version of his hit track, ‘Window Shopper’.

Taking to Instagram, 50 Cent shared his amusement over the weekend. On Saturday, June 8th, he posted a quirky Nat King Cole-style photo of himself, suited up in zoot suit fashion and flashing a classic 1950s Colgate smile. Playing in the background was a big band rendition of his iconic song, which originally featured in the semi-biographical film ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

‘This AI stuff is crazy LOL,’ he wrote in the caption, clearly entertained by the reimagining of his classic.

However, not everyone in the rap community shares 50 Cent’s enthusiasm for AI-generated music. Nicki Minaj has been particularly vocal about her disdain for the technology. Just last month, she wasn’t thrilled when an AI-creation transformed her hit song ‘Super Bass’ into a 1970s disco-style tune. The ‘Starships’ rapper aired her frustration on social media, exclaiming, ‘I hate yall so bad for this,’ in a since-deleted post. Her stance on AI-generated art has been consistent, having previously joined artists like Q-Tip and Chuck D in a campaign to protect musicians from AI imitations.

This campaign, organized by the Artists’ Rights Alliance, calls for safeguards against AI’s ‘predatory use’ to replicate artists’ voices and likenesses. In an open letter, they urge tech companies not to undermine or replace the human artistry of songwriters and musicians, or to deny fair compensation for their work. Over 200 artists have signed the letter, advocating against technologies that could jeopardize creators’ rights and harm the music ecosystem. The bill, initially proposed by the House on January 10th, has garnered bipartisan Congressional support.

While AI-generated music continues to be a contentious topic in the music industry, 50 Cent’s lighthearted reaction shows that opinions vary, even among top artists.

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