It’s a celebration in the new video for “Joy” from Bronx rap trio The Legion—Molecules, Cee-Low The Diceman, and Chucky Smash—who take us from their stomping grounds to the Caribbean in these upbeat visuals.

The feeling of pure joy felt in this video is due in part to the work of The Legion and director Jimmy Giambrone, who successfully capture their unadulterated happiness in the form of raw, blue-collar Hip-Hop.

There’s no flashy gimmicks or pompous bullsh*t on display here, just three rap veterans expressing their appreciation for the culture and being alive, over Molecules feel good soundscape.

There’s also a healthy dose of nostalgia injected into the video through Giambrone’s editing, which includes classic clips from Martin and Coming to America.

These bits are used in between footage of the three emcees spitting their rhymes and enjoying some downtime at home and in the Caribbean.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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