For single number five from A Different Crown, Rel McCoy represents and keeps it live. This new serving of soul food is essentially a gratitude journal that reads like excerpts of appreciation lovingly scribed on really fancy paper.

This time, however, Rel McCoy is teaming up with none other than the prolific Moka Only. Their chemistry feels natural and in no way forced. Both emcees have lived to tell the tale of overcoming adversity and coming up.

The refreshing twist in this underdog story is that their stanzas highlight their realization that they are only passing through and there is something refreshingly cool about being content with what you have and who you are in the present.

While many believe that excess equals success, these Canadians toast to minimalism with cups that runneth over with gratefulness for the essential things in life. Getting by is underrated.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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