With his much anticipated Sleep When I Die EP dropping at the end of the month, rising D.C. rapper Lightshow shares the super-hype new video for the project’s lead single, “Park at 14th.”

The booming Topper Atwood-produced track is actually named for one of the livest nightclubs in the DMV area, so it’s only fitting that the emcee would take us there in his latest visuals, directed by Valley Visions.

Surrounded by beautiful women and bottles upon bottles, Lightshow fully embraces the lines he spits throughout the hook like “Know how I’m livin’, pull up where it’s litty.”

The rapper’s more hedonistic moments remain grounded by a more lived-in reality, though, which he drives home on the track’s verses.

Lightshow blends his braggadocio with thoughtful moments of clarity, like when he paints a clear picture of where he’s been and where’s he thanks to be at now: “It was f*cked up, it’s lit now.”

And it’s really all in the way he says it, because you can hear the pain of his past seeping through, even when he’s clearly due for a celebration.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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