Vancouver, B.C. based artist Heatwave releases the Official Music Video for his new single “Above This” now available on YouTube.

Giving the people something they need in a time of despair, Heatwave questions life and what it all means. Opening up and giving listeners some raw honesty about his own life, Heatwave also takes the time to question some of the inequalities that are plaguing people worldwide. Not many things have the healing power like music and Heatwave proves that over the soothing melody. For years, Heatwave has been a staple in both Vancouver and Atlanta’s hip hop scene, navigating the underground waters with independently funded tours and releases. Even taking the time to break down the game to his fellow music peers, Heatwave puts us on game with “Above This.”

With many artists stuck stagnant because of mandated lockdowns across the country, Heatwave’s investments and plans are starting to pay off with access to his own music studio and ability to shoot content in a time when the industry is almost at a standstill. Cruising through Vancouver B.C. with only man’s best friend, visually director Davane captures a ghost town while Heatwave stands tall like the last man standing in his city.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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