Tone Dogg Raw and Cal-S-thetics when they combine their artistic talents into one entity. Lyric driven, but flow conscious, the duo is at home most on smooth grooves with drums that slap.

On the cusp of releasing a project that includes old material, new material and everything in between, the Glass Bottom Boat looks to pick-up where they left off on the Temple and deliver a long awaited follow-up that would live up to their ambitious ideas.

Originally, held down almost exclusively by Cal-S-thetics production, Tone and Cal “dig into the golden file” and have focused the project more from an artists’ and executive producers’ perspective working together as songwriters/MCs over a group of talented beatsmith’s production.

A decision was made to release all the material that was birthed during this year long burst of creativity. “Definitive – Spring” will start that journey. All aboard the Glass Bottom Boat.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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