23-year old Seattle- based R&B artist Ellis Prescott breaks on the scene with his impressive debut album “In Love With Heartbreak.”

With a touch of trap and a lot of soul, “In Love With Heartbreak” is a go from start to finish. Rarely do we hear a new artist this developed with incredible song-writing, intriguing soundscapes, and industry like vocal quality but Ellis Prescott has all three and more.

Typically known for being behind the camera as a video director for TownENT, Ellis steps to the forefront surprising listeners with his own artistry.

With a bulk of production done by Seattle’s own White, Prescott carries most of the load himself easily with no features attached to this debut project.

For fans of Bryson Tiller, 6black, or DVSN “In Love With Heartbreak” from Seattle’s own Ellis Prescott might be your new favorite project to get you through the end of cuffing season.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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