Head straight to the moon with the Brooklyn-based, Dutch-born Daytona Starsky, a multi-talented artist who today shares the psychedelic new video for his addictive single, “Space Boy.”

Right from the jump, it’s clear that this 22-year-old Brooklyn resident isn’t about to be boxed into any genres or specific styles.

On just this one track, you can hear a range of influences that Starsky seamlessly pulls together to craft a singular sound that’s all his own. While that could lead to a bit of a janky mess in the wrong hands, “Space Boy” is the polar opposite.

It’s a wildly creative and fun tune that quite naturally lends itself to equally rad visuals.

Starsky cruises through his neighborhood on two wheels as he spits a whirlwind of bars and contemplates why and when he’s destined for space travel—and who’s coming with him. It’s certainly a trip, but psychedelics aren’t necessarily required (unless that’s your thing, of course).

Written by Stop The Breaks
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