I have to admit, I haven’t been up on Childish Gambino as much as I’d like to have been, but after watching his recent freestyle on the Sway in the Morning show, I became an instant fan.

Dropping thoughtful bars over the most popular instrumental at the moment – Drake’s “Pound Cake” – Childish revealed some deep shit with seemingly throwaway lines and even paused the freestyle to talk to Sway about the value of money before launching right back into it.

Highlight lines include:

Chance made millions, Haim made millions
Dan made millions, Kendrick made millions
I would too if I wasn’t in my feelings

But we don’t take pictures, when you’re rich you just see it again
The only thing they really worry about is me and the pen

And I’m deep in the rap, and it’s deeper than rap
This is deeper than rap

Check the video out below:

Written by Stop The Breaks
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