Their first single was appropriately named ‘The Two Jims’, with a catchy hook citing that the two come connected, audiences don’t forget this. Their EP also fittingly named The Two Jims gave precedence to their latest album The Source.

The Source is about the conduit in which they draw their creativity, their inspiration and spontaneity. There are special guest appearances from some of Melbourne’s finest and undiscovered crew, making this album a fine specimen indeed.

The playful duo drop some creative wordplays and mix it up with fine tuned delivery. They are self made from pen and pad to the enchanted beats produced by Old Man Stones himself.

The Two Jims is a project matched by none, they resist the norms and meet a new standard in memorable tunes. Mischievous, gifted and set to vent The Two Jims bring an innovative lens to underground rap.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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