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Artist Background: The Grizz and Band Regal present their debut mixtape “The Relic”. The combination of Band Regal’s witty lyrical skills and sick production of The Grizz is a match made in Hip Hop Heaven.

The dynamic duo will take listeners on a musical journey. The “The Relic” is a solid blend of old school hip-hop meets modern day. The two met in 2013 in San Francisco, Ca. Band Regal is originally from Ohio and The Grzz from Los Angeles.

The Grizz and Band set to make an mixtape of timeless music, music that will not be dated but rather remembered years from now. Enjoy and be on the lookout for future releases.

Stream The Relic below and hit up The Grizz & Band Regal’s websites to stay up to date with their music. You can also check out our interview with them here.

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