Tayze is an American rapper from Bronx,N.Y.Tayze used to live in FL for over 5 years he also gotten a ipod from his father and he been listening to instrumentals from the ipod and writing music at the age of 14.After around 2010-2011 he moved back to NY to pursue his music career.

He then recorded his first song ‘My Town’ which is on his first mixtape titled ‘3 Seconds (Get Racks Or Die)’ on Livemixtapes.com.In year 2015-2016 The Artist started going into different Hospital’s ER (Emergency Room) to be Hospitalized.After the right hospital was found Tayze was Hospitalized & wrote one mixtape titled ‘3 Seconds (Get Racks Or Die) 2’ & two EP’s titled ‘ENCORE EP’ ‘The Hailie EP’ which is on Datpiff.com.Tayze also have new projects coming soon.

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