H.D cloud$ was everything coming full circle for me. In the most literal since HD was a sharp yet surfaced inner look into my self with my everyday surroundings and dealings. Getting back to a lot of things that I felt I might have over looked in the past.

The overall sound of the project is driven by distinctive instruments. A real vibe catcher to me. That’s why I loved it and use them. The cover artwork goes hand and hand with the overall message of the project.

By me having a sort of blank stare in the picture, and a leaf covering one of my eyes. This means while we dream in the clouds you can often get blinded by earthly things that comes with everyday life, and whats more earthly that a plant/weed that comes from the earth.

The old rugged look comes from nostalgia. I’m a very nostalgic person which is why I have Polaroid styled pictures as the artwork. The Polaroid picture on the far left represents the hazy bare feelings that I have felt before.

The Polaroid picture on the far right represents the coming of a new day right at sunrise with a clear road. That brings the feeling of a fresh start. The clothes I chose to wear were just for concept purposes making the singed/burnt look of the Polaroid pictures go with the distressed clothing.

I have human writing on the picture because I wanted that to mesh with everything. Making everything looking very natural. I really enjoyed myself while creating this project. I have a video to my single from the project called Made A $ale on YouTube.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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