Producers tend to follow trends on what’s popular or what’s the wave at that moment with the hype of social media and how quickly the internet is moving. Fredericksburg, Virginia producer Logic Marselis still maintains his relevance among others by staying consistent and switching the style up almost to the point of nonrecognition.

The latest beat tape LUNAR gives off a VHS vibe that Lo-Fi heads can truly appreciate. LUNAR sets the mood where you can play this while watching a movie with the sound off. Records such as “Goodness” is infested with calm strings and warped basslines.

“LOVE” at first listen will register that it could possibly be an ode to his son who you can hear him blurting out the words MGNTK. It’s a well thought out gesture from the Virginia native.

LUNAR is a project where the mood is very mellow and is very different from his previous work that is hard hitting like SUPER AUDIO WRLD.

Sprinkled with inspiring quotable soundbites from Virgil Abloh, this piece of work was created to uplift the listeners and creators who may have lost hope in today’s microwave generation of music.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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