Kris Kasanova needs some peace. Coming off of the success of his 2015 LP The Great Escape, the Red Hook bred emcee is having a tough time balancing life as a man, a father and a rapper.

Amidst chasing dreams in the big city, he’s plagued with anxiety, loss and enough financial struggles to make the faintest of hearts quit. In his most vulnerable effort yet, he bares it all; sharing stories that aren’t only real but relatable.

His first official release of 2017, Always Something is a 5-track memoir of sorts. Giving listeners s first-hand account of what it is to be a budding superstar with little help, the project is a change from Kasanova’s signature bravado.

Toting features from Mike Classic and fellow HomeSkool comrade Erick Lottary, Always Something has the replay value you’re used to from Kris with new stories you wouldn’t have ever imagined.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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