“Chapters (Of Life)” has a unique vibe and presence to it. After the first couple of tracks you can tell right away that Jesse has been itching to give some great music to his fans. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard any music from Sir Scott.

Well it’s safe to say that he’s definitely made up for his absence. “Chapters (Of Life)” seems to stich itself together as a beautiful piece of art as you let it play from track to track. Even as you skip around finding what song fits the moment for you, it seems to find a way to fit the mold each and every time.

Tracks such as “Everyday” & “Satisfied” carry a fun up-tempo vibe to them, giving you a nice groove to bop your head to or sit back and enjoy the smooth delivery. All in all this project is a great re-entry for Mr. Scott. Stay tuned and be sure to catch Jesse’s debut album, soon to be released after the New Year.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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