Volume two of the Glass Bottom Boat’s Definitive project. Exploring themes of enjoyment, relaxation, flourishing and confidence.

Another full length LP that continues the Definitive journey. Based around the ever-smooth rhymes of Cal-S-thetics & Tone Dogg Raw, “the Summer album” is both an ode to the leisure and levity of the season it draws its name from and an aggressive step into a songwriting direction that the Glass Bottom Boat duo had always imagined taking.

The album features beats from some now-familiar production collaborators like Duke Westlake, EQ, Jeepz, Rokem, Sumthin Gunny, and Cal-S-thetics, while also drawing some classically smooth sounds from the Calvin Valentine and Dellue the Supa Dread.

Additionally, this album differs from previous releases from the duo by leveraging the talents of featured artists like Anita Blunt, Dy Cy, Illa J, MP of Rebels to the Grain, Dellue, Danielle Henderson, and Calvin Valentine to complement their expertise in writing.

Summer out here in Southern California is known for its great weather and bronzed beach bods, if this album doesn’t take you there in the dead of winter you might not be listening right!

The time is now when you are living in the moment and this project lays on the beach of life instead of digging into the sand. Grill something, toast something, smoke something and post up with your crew and let the good vibes flow with this one.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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