Project Background: My album “DEEP NIGHTS” was released on April 21, 2016 which is the same day as my birthday. “DEEP NIGHTS” was a very special project for me because it was the album that I’ve always wanted to make, it was the album that I’ve always had in mind, the album that I’ve always envisioned for myself and it came out perfectly.

Every possible way that I had it in my head is the same way that it was produced and arranged, from every song to every verse to every rhyme to the albums artwork, it is a well put together project and very special to me; one that I will never forget.

I named it “DEEP NIGHTS” because in our own way we all have them and this project is just a close look into a lot of my deep nights and thoughts and experiences. Even though I’ve put out a couple projects on between, “DEEP NIGHTS” has been in the making for a few years and I’m grateful for it to be heard my many.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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