Ape Tha Man’s debut Mini-Album, Planet Ape, is a tale of a young alien man from another planet known as Planet Ape.

In this tale, Ape Tha Man has crash landed on earth after a betrayal from his partner Mike, and now he’s tasked with the mission to become something greater than himself.

The tale is also a double-sided metaphor; it’s also a story of perseverance after a real life betrayal from a previous close friend (and partner), at the darkest point in his life.

Now as Ape Tha Man, a persona that resembles that of a superhero, he’s splashing a bit of color in what he would describe as a world of villains. Through his story of death, rebirth, and ascension, he hopes his message can inspire others.

You can stream the full project on Spotify here.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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