In Alphabetik’s freshman album “Alpha*hermetiks”, he rips and tears back the fabric of reality to reveal the cycle of the human spirit.

The initiation begins with The Invocation of Thoth (God of wisdom, magic, writing etc..) bringing forth the unlimited potential for creativity, energy, and the power of manifestation.

The debut LP is a journey through the cosmos and the mysteries that we can unlock to express ourselves.

Alphabetik delivers a fine display of spiritual hip hop drawing from the best aspects of raw underground music intertwined with intelligent wordplay and conscious lyricism.

Knowledge for hungry minds!!! Features include: Guerrilla Alliance (VX & Mac the Rebel), EL*A*KWENTS, Irrefutable with production EL*A*KWENTS, Mir the Bloody, Mac The Rebel and more.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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