Stockton producer/emcee extraordinaire Steve Spiffler is back with another patented “Soul Flip,” his infectious series of remixes that’s been subject of much acclaim on the internet — Chano himself tweeted about this boy’s flip game.

Fresh off his rehashing of French Montana’s “Lockjaw,” this time Spiff is giving Future’s “Mask Off” a complete overhaul. The sample is jazzy and smooth, and the drums pack more Boom bap than you’d expect to hear on your typical Future track.

Spiff doesn’t normally partake in internet “challenges,” but he had to flex his skills and show these thunnies how to think outside the trap.

It’s fairly easy to compare Spiffler to an early Mr. West, with the smoking habits of a Rastafarian; this joint is definitely one to roll up to.

Written by Stop The Breaks
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